Roper Rhodes | How To - DIY Linen Side Split Skirt

DIY Linen Side Split Skirt

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Fabric, Thread, Buttons


Fabric Scissors, Pattern Ruler, Fabric Marker, Pins

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The skirt pattern is basically an isosceles trapezoid, and it can be any length. Remember to leave extra allowance for the overlapping edges on one side where the buttoned seam and split will go. You will be cutting two identical pieces for the front and back of the skirt. To save time, we will do this by folding the fabric in half, drafting the pattern on one side, then pinning the fabric down the draft lines and cutting the two layers at the same time. In terms of the split, this one here is quite high, but if you wanted to have a more modest split you could add more buttons. It’s simple as that.

Step 1

Fold your fabric in half and lay it on a flat surface. You will be drafting on the wrong side of the fabric.

Step 2

Pin the two layers of fabric together along the drafted pattern lines. Leave seam allowance and cut.

Step 3

Cut out a strip of fabric and interfacing for the waistband. Then iron the interfacing to the waistband.

Step 4

We also cut a thin strip of interfacing and ironed it onto the edges of the skirt before sewing a rolled hem.This stops the fabric from fraying and being pulled out of shape during the sewing process

Step 5

Attach the waistband to the skirt after the edges of the skirt have been hemmed.

Step 6

Mark the buttonhole openings and either use the buttonhole function on your sewing machine, or just sew buttonholes with the shortest straight stitch. Remember you can put more buttons on if you want your slit to be less revealing. Then open the buttonholes with a pair of small scissors.

Look after me

Wash inside out on a 30 degree cycle with similar colours. Line dry.

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